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BIM enabling tools

The ENABLING TOOLS are responsible for bringing your Building Information Modelling deliverables to life. They’ll help build up a range of graphical, non-graphical and associated project documentation throughout the lifespan of your project in sufficient detail that they can be used and queried throughout. BIM Toolkit (Bt) The NBS BIM Toolkit is a free-to-use project management tool […]

Unity Reflect in BIM

Unity Reflect helps to conduct immersive design reviews, and connect design and construction – with no coding required. With one click, Unity Reflect brings multiple BIM models with all their metadata to real-time 3D and maintains a live link between them. You can also create your own real-time BIM applications and customize the user experience […]

The role of Artificial intelligence (AI) in BIM

BIM is mainly a digital description of all aspects of a construction project. BIM is expanding its use in the Architectural and Construction (AEC) industry either because of public administration increasing requiring project documentation in BIM format or by industry leader implementing the most innovative solution available to improve productive and efficiency. A BIM 3D […]

Using Drones to leverage BIM

The construction industry was among the first to adopt drone photography, and they continue to drive innovation with new use cases. In addition to performing fly-overs and site surveys, UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) photogrammetry software can be used to accurately measure distance, elevation, and volume, such as the volume of soil moved during an earthworks […]

Start-ups disrupting the Architecture and Construction industry

As much as BIM is a reality for the architecture and construction industry, Artificial intelligence (AI) uses for the industry is becoming a reality as well. Combining BIM and AI will bring unprecedented productive and competitive advantages. Spacemaker Spacemaker has developed a game-changing AI technology that helps users discover smarter ways to maximize the potential […]

HoloLens 2 the next step

One of the first ‘working-in-the-field’ customizations of Microsoft’s newly unveiled HoloLens 2 mixed-reality headset is a hard hat by Trimble for construction workers that pulls up holographic CAD data on the worksite. “It will have all of the same specs, performance, and functionality as the new HoloLens, including improved sensors and processors, a significantly larger […]

Dynamo takes BIM to the next level

What is Dynamo? Dynamo is a visual programming tool that works with Revit. Dynamo extends the power of Revit by providing access to the Revit API (Application Programming Interface) in a more accessible manner. Rather than typing code, with Dynamo you create programs by manipulating graphic elements called “nodes” In Dynamo, each node performs a specific task. Nodes have inputs and outputs. The outputs from one […]

Unity Reflect – BIM to real-time 3D

Award-winning architecture firm SHoP Architects is on a mission to make the process for bringing buildings from vision to physical reality more efficient. Accelerating its progress, the firm is among the first in its industry to embrace Unity Reflect, the new architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) product from Unity. Project Custom real-time BIM applications for AR […]

BIM + AI = ALICE Technologies

Planning a construction project is a gigantic assignment. It a complex effort to match contractors availability, materials and building sequence. Once the schedule is in place still difficult to really tell if it’s the most efficient meeting all project criteria. ALICE breaks down the individual components of the building to understand the scope of the […]