As much as BIM is a reality for the architecture and construction industry, Artificial intelligence (AI) uses for the industry is becoming a reality as well. Combining BIM and AI will bring unprecedented productive and competitive advantages.


Spacemaker has developed a game-changing AI technology that helps users discover smarter ways to maximize the potential of a building site.

Their product lets the user generate and explore a multitude of site proposals, sort out the best ones, and provides detailed analyses for each of them.

It enables a fantastic level of insight and a collaborative workflow among architects, engineers, real estate developers, and municipalities.

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A simple and powerful generative design and co-creation tool that allows a user to get a site TestFit in seconds for multifamily development. 

TestFit offers AI-enhanced site feasibility study and building configuration. The target market is architects, developers, and general contractors.

Monthly subscription start at $375.

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Hypar Explore

Hypar Explore is a browser-based platform for early design exploration. It enables reuse of data from existing building designs in new projects. The “don’t start from zero” approach combines BIM data from multiple sources, displaying 3D views with analytical data previews. AI-enhanced generative design algorithms allow fast exploration of multiple design options.

Being in the browser, allows Hypar Explore to bypass uploading of heavy BIM data sets by reviewing content and uploading results from user inquires. The service supports IFC standards, allowing it to be BIM platform independent. A designer can provide a set of requirements and ask for ten options, for example, to be generated from the data.

Currently users execute Python or C++ scripts to interact with BIM data; the company is working on more user-friendly interaction.

The developers, led by two Autodesk AEC alumni, Ian Keough and Anthony Hauck, are aiming for Hypar Explore to become an open platform where users buy and sell custom scripts and data. Hypar Explore currently works in free preview mode.

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OpenSpace’s cutting-edge technology helps document sites quickly and efficiently so you can keep up with today’s fast-paced workflows. Visit any point in time through an interactive 360 map of your site. Zoom in and explore every detail to review progress as it happens.

Leveraging advanced technologies like computer vision and 3D modeling, OpenSpace AI system automatically maps images to project plans with no manual corrections or location pinning necessary. The user walks for as long they want, there are no limitations.

OpenSpace claims to reduces documentation time by 20X. After completing a few walks, most projects can expect to see output in 10 to 15 minutes not hours or days.

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Kwant uses proprietary, wearable low-power sensors to automate construction site data collection. The tech combines sensor data with data from mobile devices, and processes the results in real-time on a cloud-based analytics platform.

Accurately plan and establish forecasts of your manpower and project duration, based on artificial intelligence.

Real Time Data
Automatically collect workforce, safety and work-in-place data, based on sensors & mobile devices using minimal infrastructure.

Data Driven Decisions
Automatically collect workforce, safety and work-in-place data, based on sensors & mobile devices using minimal infrastructure.



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