AU 2020 registration is open

registration is now open.

AU 2020 will feature more than 750 classes, 5 can’t-miss keynotes, 350+ class Q&As, live meetups, and more.

There’s no cost to attend, but you still need to register!

There’s no cost to attend, but registration is required, and now’s the time. You can also check out the agendaexplore classes, and see featured speakers.

What’s in store at AU 2020?

  • Don’t miss Day One. Tune in for visionary main stage events, industry keynotes focused on emerging trends, and hours of compelling content that will show how technology is transforming industry. Programming starts November 17.
  • Choose from 750+ classes available on demand starting November 17. From industry talks to instructional demos and hands-on labs, find the classes that will help you move ahead in your career. Connect with speakers and attendees on each class page.
  • Join 350+ live Q&As, plus watch live panels and roundtables. Interact directly with speakers of hands-on labs, instructional demos, and some industry talks November 18-20, join roundtable discussions, and hear what experts think in live panels. Stay tuned for a schedule of live events.
  • Get answers to your product questions and 1-on-1 technical support at the Answer Bar throughout the conference.
  • Join meetups to solve professional challenges with peers and move your practice ahead.