Author: JP Brito

U.K. leads the BIM revolution

In 2011 with the publication of the United Kingdom’s Government Construction Strategy. The theoretical advantages of BIM started to be craft into legislation in order to be implemented. At that time the government foreseen construction as one of the potential engines of the economy and in BIM an opportunity to gain efficiency. It was estimated […]

Autodesk Future of Making 2019 – Barcelona, Madrid and Bilbao

Autodesk Future of Making are a series of annual events organized by Autodesk. These events are aimed at professionals from sectors related to architecture, construction, design and engineering. In each city two differentiated events will take place. The first, focused on professionals in the architectural and construction sector. The second is going to focus on […]

Dynamo takes BIM to the next level

What is Dynamo? Dynamo is a visual programming tool that works with Revit. Dynamo extends the power of Revit by providing access to the Revit API (Application Programming Interface) in a more accessible manner. Rather than typing code, with Dynamo you create programs by manipulating graphic elements called “nodes” In Dynamo, each node performs a specific task. Nodes have inputs and outputs. The outputs from one […]

Unity Reflect – BIM to real-time 3D

Award-winning architecture firm SHoP Architects is on a mission to make the process for bringing buildings from vision to physical reality more efficient. Accelerating its progress, the firm is among the first in its industry to embrace Unity Reflect, the new architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) product from Unity. Project Custom real-time BIM applications for AR […]

Textures libraries for BIM & CAD – Top websites

Your BIM software likely have a basic material library that comes by default. However, soon you will realize that additional texture are needed to better graphically represent a project. There are many pages dedicated where you can find textures online. Find below a list of some websites that offers textures. MTEXTUR [.ch .de .eu] […]


DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION FOR CONSTRUCTION,REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY AND URBAN PLANNING BIMWorld Paris is a unique international ecosystem that presents the entire value chain. Also the latest innovations around BIM and digital trends such as: augmented and virtual reality applications, services and business solutions, IoT integration, Smart Building and Smart City. Access the event page at: […]

BIM + AI = ALICE Technologies

Planning a construction project is a gigantic assignment. It a complex effort to match contractors availability, materials and building sequence. Once the schedule is in place still difficult to really tell if it’s the most efficient meeting all project criteria. ALICE breaks down the individual components of the building to understand the scope of the […]

The benefits of using BIM

Construction project managers that have used BIM technology see the advantages of such process. They say that BIM helps facilitate the flow of information across multiple project channels. A study done by Dodge Data & Analytics showed 43% of surveyed contractors reported more efficient project-wide communication when BIM was implemented. The end result for construction […]

How to improve design process using BIM?

During the project study and design phases. Using the BIM process allows you to quickly create and review multiple design scenarios and easily convey those options to the client while maintaining a single model. BIM offers different tools to create schematic massing models, as well as detailed construction-ready models, without losing any of the design […]

BIM periodic table

  NBS’s Periodic Table of BIM is an interesting way to visualize steps that are necessary to a successful BIM implementation. Inspiring by the periodic table of elements, the NBS’s table presents the important elements of BIM in way easy to visualize and nice to keep as reference. Please find below how the table is structured […]